Maniacs and Fanatics at the Races (June 12-13 Edition)

Did you see Maniacs/Fanatic Family at the Hatfield McCoy Marathon in West Virginia/Kentucky? Some of the family was at the Hatfield &McCoy River Road Half Marathon Kentucky/West Virginia The Maniac/Fanatic Family was also at the 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon in Pennyback Park in Philadelphia.

Hatfield and McCoy Marathon– Randy Woodward — MM15271

Within 30 hours…drove 762 miles round tripand ran a full marathon.More sleep please 😊Hatfield McCoy Marathon was good. No where close to enough training but glad I went. Met up with old friends and made some new friends.Can’t complain about temperatures. Had nice cloud cover almost the entire run. Humidity, on the other hand, wasContinue reading “Hatfield and McCoy Marathon– Randy Woodward — MM15271”

Double Half Marathon Weekend –Amy Seagroves – HF 18640 –MM 15648 — DA3652

Double Half Marathon Weekend!!Saturday – Half fanatic race # 21 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Half Marathon in Pennyback Park in Philadelphia. Very pretty run through the park with a fun but tough trail twist in the middle. It ends at a Biergarten with free beer & brats (or soda & impossible burger if you’re meatContinue reading “Double Half Marathon Weekend –Amy Seagroves – HF 18640 –MM 15648 — DA3652”

Hatfield and McCoy Half Marathon– Teon Taylor — HF7350 — DA2180 — MM12448

Did the Hatfield-McCoy Races this weekend. River Road Half. Checked off West Virginia. Don’t know what it is about this race. But no matter how much you train. The race will make you question it. Lol. Always beautiful. Always humid. I Can’t seem to break the 4hr mark on the River Road Half. But aContinue reading “Hatfield and McCoy Half Marathon– Teon Taylor — HF7350 — DA2180 — MM12448”

Hatfield and McCoy Half Marathon (River Road) — Joanne Blatchley — HF14845

Ran the Hatfield & McCoy Half Marathon (River Road) in West Virginia this weekend.Overall I give this race 👍👍. This race has 3 options:Double half marathons (full)Blackberry Mtn half marathonRiver Road half marathon Packet pick up was easy and held at the high school in the next town over in Belfry, KY. It was prettyContinue reading “Hatfield and McCoy Half Marathon (River Road) — Joanne Blatchley — HF14845”

Utah Valley Marathon — Julianna Hays — HF12427

The Utah Valley Half Marathon distance started up in the canyon early morning with spectacular views of the river and mountains. It’s a fast downhill half marathon with a few good uphill stints before getting back into the valley and civilization around mile 8. A few good small rolling hills on your way back intoContinue reading “Utah Valley Marathon — Julianna Hays — HF12427”

Great American River Run –Jennifer Clark –HF16743

Great American River Run – Saturday, May 29.Half #189 is in the books!The Great American River Run in Memphis TN was the beginning of my three day trek across a few states for Memorial Weekend races!First, let’s talk about the weather! Normally I would be talking about how hot Memphis has been for the lastContinue reading “Great American River Run –Jennifer Clark –HF16743”

Bad Ass Texas Half –Jennifer Clark –HF16743

Half #190 is in the books!Badass Texas Half in Waco TX, May 30, 2021.Badass Texas Half Marathon was the second of three races I did Memorial Weekend. Originally i had planned to attend the Great American River Run in Memphis (which I did), then on to Dallas for Days 2 and 3 of the TexasContinue reading “Bad Ass Texas Half –Jennifer Clark –HF16743”

Texas Triple Day 3 –Jennifer Clark — HF16743

Half #191 is in the books!Texas Triple Day 3, Dallas, TX,May 31, 2021Memorial Day morning was spent doing a race. In my opinion that’s the best way to start a holiday! This Memorial Day I was in Dallas for Day 3 of the Texas Triple. The race is put on by Run the Distance andContinue reading “Texas Triple Day 3 –Jennifer Clark — HF16743”

Eagle Up Ultra — Brian Johnson — MM8807- DA707-HF7287

Eagle Up Ultra28th Marathon or LongerStill Holding at State 164th Ultra MarathonFirst of my 2020 deferrals to 2021 To get here was a struggle. Between breaking my wrist a week before the race and my car dying 2 days before the race, I thought I was toast.Luckily my friend Angie, who was also doing theContinue reading “Eagle Up Ultra — Brian Johnson — MM8807- DA707-HF7287”