Level Up! Reaching Titanium and Everest.

Lisa Seidel MM9014 DA699 HF6155 Today I hit Maniac Titanium status as well as Everest Double Agent status. I’ve completed 29 marathons and 5 Ultras(50Ks) in 30 states and 68 half marathons in 18 states since 9/15/2020. The MainlyMarathons Series acknowledges runners who achieve these levels at their races with unique medals. To learn moreContinue reading “Level Up! Reaching Titanium and Everest.”

10 Short Stories from Medal Monday

September 13th Edition Medal Monday brings many stories of achievement for our members. Here are 10 of them, as posted on the Marathon Maniacs/Half Fanatics Facebook pages. Paula Jamieson HF6154 Happy Medal Monday – Revel Big Cottonwood Half marathon in Salt Lake… Cannot say enough good things about how awesome this race is: the course,Continue reading “10 Short Stories from Medal Monday”

Pikes Peak Ascent — Eric Sessums -HF18457

I’ve been talking about Pikes Peak for about 6 months now. The week finally came!For reference, here’s the course. My friends have ran this race; both the Ascent & the Marathon. I am now convinced that I never actually understood just how hard it was. Don’t get me wrong. I knew it would be tough,Continue reading “Pikes Peak Ascent — Eric Sessums -HF18457”

Fall Racing Week 2 –Fanatics/Maniacs Family Photos

Week 2 of the fall Racing Season is here, The Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics were out at quite a few races this past weekend. Here are a few “Family Photos” from the weekend Revel Big Cottonwood Photo Credit Jennifer Clark Half Boring Half Marathon Photo Credit Sharon Peerenboom Mad Marathon Photo Credit Jaimie GosselinContinue reading “Fall Racing Week 2 –Fanatics/Maniacs Family Photos”

200 Half Marathons Strong — Jennifer Clark — HF16743 – DA3643 – MM15623

Revel Big CottonwoodHalf #200 is in the books!!! Finally!!Revel’s Big Cottonwood Marathon and Half Marathon in Salt Lake City!! Revel Races began 9 years ago and Big Cottonwood was its first race. Since then they have grown to be the premier race organization for downhill courses!A point to point race, runners had to take buses,Continue reading “200 Half Marathons Strong — Jennifer Clark — HF16743 – DA3643 – MM15623”

Once More, With Feeling. Members at Virginia Beach

Labor Day Weekend 2021 was the final running of the Virginia Beach Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon. Here are some of the stories. Woody Michaux (HF # 18452) Half Fanatic Woody Michaux HF # 18452 at the Virginia Beach RnR 2021. Great job Woody. (HF/DA/MM Betsy White and HF Kim Michaux with Woody) Great jobContinue reading “Once More, With Feeling. Members at Virginia Beach”

Fanatics/Maniacs Labor Day Appearances

With quite a few races over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend, it gave the Half Fanatic/Marathon Maniac Family a chance to get together. Here are a few “Family Photos” from the Holiday Weekend Dallas Skyline Half Photo Credit of Chris Bouchard Marquette Marathon Photo Credit Glen Marumoto Rockin Brews Marathon Photo Credit Dawn Marie VirginiaContinue reading “Fanatics/Maniacs Labor Day Appearances”

Maniacs and Fanatics at “Moonlight on the Falls”

This past weekend was the “Moonlight on the Falls Marathon/Half Marathon at Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia. Many club Members were there. Here are a few. Katie Galvin (HF18478) #medalmonday I got half#18 and state#12 for me this past weekend at Moonlight on the Falls Marathon at Blackwater Falls State Park in WestContinue reading “Maniacs and Fanatics at “Moonlight on the Falls””

Half Fanatics in Santa Monica

Before a race we like to do a “family photo” if we can. Natalie Uyeno (MM15186 – HF17314 – DA3505) provided this photo of the Half Fanatics in Santa Monica during the “A Better World Running” Summer Sizzle Double Half Marathon Weekend Photo Credit Natalie Uyeno