Welcome to the Half Fanatic’s May 2021 Edition!

The Half Fanatics has some new additions to the Family in May 2021! HF Id FirstName LastName State 18463 Angela Henderson Alabama 18469 Janie Smith Arkansas 18467 Sara Porterfield Arkansas 18473 Courtney Salazar Colorado 18471 Tonja Marking Louisiana 18461 Bonnie Coates Louisiana 18476 Jackie Cular Maryland 18466 Ben Precious Michigan 18478 Kathryn Galvin New YorkContinue reading “Welcome to the Half Fanatic’s May 2021 Edition!”

Welcome to the Marathon Maniacs May 2021 Edition!

The following people became new additions to the Marathon Maniac Family in May! Maniac Id FirstName LastName State 15636 Suzanne Singh California 15646 Ietta PARROTT Georgia 15633 Tomas Wheaton Idaho 15651 Kristin Taphorn Illinois 15635 Jiming Huang Illinois 15649 Krystin Komanapalli Iowa 15647 Harlan Holmes Kentucky 15634 Jessie Weber Louisiana 15643 Kasey Kuker Minnesota 15638Continue reading “Welcome to the Marathon Maniacs May 2021 Edition!”

Maniacs/Fanatics at the Races!

Did you see the Maniacs & Fanatics Family at the Badass Texas Full/Half in Waco TX? The Maniacs/Fanatic Family was also at the Great American River Run in Memphis Maybe you saw the Maniac/Fanatic Family at the Texas Triple in Dallas? Submit your Maniac/Fanatic Group Photos to the Blog! Photo Credit Jennifer Clark, Robert ManonContinue reading “Maniacs/Fanatics at the Races!”

Happy Birthday Marathon Maniacs!

On May 25, 2003, Marathon Maniacs was born. Here is the story of how that happened. We are Steve, Chris and Tony, running marathons and beyond is our passion. The more races the better. It all started on May 25, 2003. After completing the Coeur ‘d Alene Marathon, Steve Yee, Chris Warren, Tony Phillippi &Continue reading “Happy Birthday Marathon Maniacs!”

Great Ocean Road Marathon –Australia — Zac Domagalski –MM15297

Did you run, or are you interested in running the most scenic course in Australia? Here is my recap of this weekend’s Great Ocean Road marathon, available wherever you get the Breaking the Barrier podcast from. I’m happy to answer any questions about the event that I didn’t cover in this. Post credit Zac Domagalski

Old Turnpike Half –Jennifer Clark –HF16743

Old Turnpike Half, Breezeway/Waterfall PA, Saturday May 22. Half #187 is in the books!I had heard of an old turnpike with tunnels that had a Half Marathon. Some of my running friends from Mississippi were actually planning to attend End of the Road Half in October, which uses the same course! I was in DCContinue reading “Old Turnpike Half –Jennifer Clark –HF16743”

Tim Mullican–Pulse Endurance 48 hour Run

I had a good weekend at the Pulse Endurance 48 hour run at Eagle Island State Park near Boise, ID, albeit with cooler than normal weather. (45-50 degrees F). It was also somewhat wet weather with intermittent showers on Friday and Saturday, and a heavier downpour for about an hour just before daylight on Saturday.Continue reading “Tim Mullican–Pulse Endurance 48 hour Run”

Tobacco Road Marathon–Amy Seagroves – HF 18640 –MM 15648 — DA3652

I did it! 3 marathons (well technical 2 marathons and a 50K) in under 90 days! Meet your soon to be newest marathon maniac/double agent! Red Rock Canyon Marathon 2/27/21 Zion 50K 4/10/21 Tobacco Road Marathon 5/15/21 This was a nice course mostly on railtrail. It wasn’t quite as flat as advertised but much flatterContinue reading “Tobacco Road Marathon–Amy Seagroves – HF 18640 –MM 15648 — DA3652”