Mountains To Main Street Half Marathon– Chuck Taylor –HF 10903

And this 133rd half marathon is done. Me and Lil Hoss gon roll out. We got all the work we need in these 13.1 miles. That’s what #HorsemenRollin’ do! #milesup#racedone#ontothenextone #halffanaticsarealwaysatit— at Mountains To Main Street Triathlon & Festival. Photo and Post Credit Chuck Taylor

Ancient Aliens Half — Dani Shown — MM 8045 – HF 4557 – DA 565

Finished Nevada for all 50 States round 2 at Ancient Aliens by Calico Racing in Las Vegas. Very HOT day for those of us from PNW. Nice race – trail loops at a park – so no traffic – which was nice. Lots of aid stations, VERY friendly race director and organization was great. HadContinue reading “Ancient Aliens Half — Dani Shown — MM 8045 – HF 4557 – DA 565”

Great Guernsey Trail Half Marathon — Laurie Weiner — HF 9266

Great Guernsey Trail Half Marathon completed! Gave it my all today! Fastest half marathon this year, but still 5 minutes off my all time PR. Missed age award by one place. So great to be running live races! This is #112 official half marathon. Photo and post credit Laurie Weiner

Mainly Marathons- St. Joseph Mo. Half –Jennifer Clark–HF16743

Half #185 in the books! Saturday, May 15.It was another weekend with MainlyMarathons! This time, the reason was to celebrate David Grudzien completing his 400th Half Marathon in St Joseph MO.St Joseph is about 30 minutes above Kansas City. Because of being near a larger city there were more than the usual number of runners.TheContinue reading “Mainly Marathons- St. Joseph Mo. Half –Jennifer Clark–HF16743”

Cambridge Crab Run Half Marathon — Gregory Rouson — #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354

Lifetime half marathon #139…DONE!!! The Cambridge Crab Run 2021 had a small, FAST field that made me feel slow but actually pushed me to run my fastest half marathon since March 2020. This race also had the weirdest finisher item that I’ve ever earned (yes, that’s a small wooden hammer used to smash crabs). #HF8068Continue reading “Cambridge Crab Run Half Marathon — Gregory Rouson — #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354”

Double Up — Michelle Cox –HF 17353– Ronita Bland –HF8514

Many of our Half Fanatic Members travel to do multiple races in one weekend like Michelle Cox (HF17353) and Ronita Bland (HF8514) did this past weekend Michelle Cox (HF 17353) Medal Monday! Busy weekend as I flew to Myrtle Beach on Fri for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon and then flew to OH for theContinue reading “Double Up — Michelle Cox –HF 17353– Ronita Bland –HF8514”

Pro-Football Hall of Fame Marathon/Half Marathon Recaps

We had lots of members race at the Pro-Football Hall of Fame Marathon/Half Marathon in Canton. Here are a few of their recaps Laurie Weiner This weekend was spent in Canton, Ohio at Pro Football HOF Marathon. I ran the Draft Day 5k and Half Marathon! Impeccable run race to obey COvID restrictions! Half marathonContinue reading “Pro-Football Hall of Fame Marathon/Half Marathon Recaps”

Waldon Adams — MM11033

Members, We are sad to report the passing of Marathon Maniac #11033, Waldon Adams. He and a friend “were killed Saturday the 24th when they were struck by a vehicle while they were taking a stroll at Hains Point at the southern tip of East Potomac Park in Washington D.C.” (Washington Post) Some of hisContinue reading “Waldon Adams — MM11033”

Spring Cleaning Half Marathon — Jennifer Clark — HF16743

Half marathon #183 is in the books!Today I ran the Spring Cleaning half marathon in Georgetown (DC.) The charity for this race was We Finish Together, an organization that takes donated medals, attaches a message, and distributes them to those who need a kind word…hospitals, children’s programs, senior programs, etc.The race was put on byContinue reading “Spring Cleaning Half Marathon — Jennifer Clark — HF16743”

Canaan Valley Half Marathon — Teresa Vincent –HF16573

First in person race in over a year!! Different state # 21 – West Virginia #CanaanValleyHalfMarathon – you did not disappoint! Felt extremely safe with masks, staggered starts, and out n back portions with enough inclines to make this run party fun!! Having us come this close to the finish before sending us back toContinue reading “Canaan Valley Half Marathon — Teresa Vincent –HF16573”