Mississippi River Marathon — Andrew Wetterer — MM #11505/ HF # 17342/ DA #3286/ UM #26

Mississippi River marathon took place February 6th, 2021 in Greenville, Mississippi. Greenville, MS is a small town that appears to have had its heyday maybe half a century ago. The area has lots of Blues history with their river walk showcasing a Hollywood-esque stars of fame relating to Blues and other famous musicians from theContinue reading “Mississippi River Marathon — Andrew Wetterer — MM #11505/ HF # 17342/ DA #3286/ UM #26”

2021 Battle of the Pigskin 5k, Half, and Marathon — Gregory Rouson HF#8068 MM#12723

Lifetime half marathon #129 (and first half of 2021)…DONE!!! The C&O Canal trail was sopping wet this morning due to early morning snowfall. The first few miles were miserable but I got it done. The 10K on Saturday was much dryer but hillier. Thanks to @bishopseventsllc for another great weekend of racing. #HF8068 #MM12723 #DA2354Continue reading “2021 Battle of the Pigskin 5k, Half, and Marathon — Gregory Rouson HF#8068 MM#12723”

Harley Half Marathon –Biloxi MS — Jennifer Clark HF #16743

Jennifer Clark HF #16743 Half #168!! In the books!!We had to make a hard choice: Big Beach in Gulf Shores AL or the inaugural Harley Half Marathon in Biloxi MS. While I enjoy Big Beach because a lot of our friends do this race, David and I decided to head to Biloxi to check outContinue reading “Harley Half Marathon –Biloxi MS — Jennifer Clark HF #16743”

George Tchakanakis (MM#1333)

Today i celebrate my 12th year anniversary of qualifying and joining the Marathon Maniacs!!! Discovering running was one thing and this club lifted my passion and lifestyle to another level! I owe HUGE gratitudes to this organization as they helped boost and accelerate my passion for marathons. In addition to running all these marathons areContinue reading “George Tchakanakis (MM#1333)”

Mohican 50 (Ryan Garcia MM#14585)

What an epic adventure! The most motivating, challenging, and sole searching race I’ve ever done. The aid stations were well stocked. There were plenty of spectators at the aid but there were spread out. The volunteers were great and took care of you as well. Packet pickup was quick and easy. It was drive upContinue reading “Mohican 50 (Ryan Garcia MM#14585)”