Half Fanatics in Santa Monica

Before a race we like to do a “family photo” if we can. Natalie Uyeno (MM15186 – HF17314 – DA3505) provided this photo of the Half Fanatics in Santa Monica during the “A Better World Running” Summer Sizzle Double Half Marathon Weekend Photo Credit Natalie Uyeno

Mt Rainer Half Marathon — Lisa Brandl — HF12354

My first half in 2 1/2 years. There was a bit of challenge on mile 6 with a rocky hill. People weren’t paying attention to the ground and were falling. Once you got to the top of the hill it was downhill for two miles. I would recommend this race. It was very pretty. TheContinue reading “Mt Rainer Half Marathon — Lisa Brandl — HF12354”

Happy Birthday Half Fanatics –July 4, 2009

Several years after creating the Marathon Maniacs club, the Main Maniacs knew it was something special with so many members joining daily. Yet, something was missing. There were lots of people out there running half marathons. There were also quite a few Maniacs looking to hang up the 26.2-mile distance and sort of retire asContinue reading “Happy Birthday Half Fanatics –July 4, 2009”

Sun Valley Revel Half Marathon — Delia Gonzalez — HF16658

This one took some dedication, commitment and tenacity! I was seriously wondering whether this would be my first DNF! I was hurting most of the way! To all of you that texted and posted THANK YOU!!! That got me through! At mile 10 with a 5K to go I was still doubting! Once I hitContinue reading “Sun Valley Revel Half Marathon — Delia Gonzalez — HF16658”

Happy Birthday Marathon Maniacs!

On May 25, 2003, Marathon Maniacs was born. Here is the story of how that happened. We are Steve, Chris and Tony, running marathons and beyond is our passion. The more races the better. It all started on May 25, 2003. After completing the Coeur ‘d Alene Marathon, Steve Yee, Chris Warren, Tony Phillippi &Continue reading “Happy Birthday Marathon Maniacs!”